Whether you are working on your commercial properties, or you just want to create your outdoor and indoor space, wholesale furniture can make a great choice to enhance the beauty of your properties. Whether you have a pool, living room, patio, dining room, the wholesale furniture from Wisanka can fit your specific needs and preferences. Most folks want to sit back and relax from the hectic day in their patio or garden and what is a better way than the outdoor furniture. You can make it happen for both your own house or your specific property.

Choosing the wholesale furniture for your projects such as hotel, apartments, restaurants, etc, can be a bit daunting since there are a lot of untrusted sellers promote their teak products online. You have made the right decision by visiting Wisanka site. We are the most trusted wholesale furniture manufacturer in Indonesia.

Keep in mind that the main producer of the teak wood in the Southeast Asian region is Indonesia. We are the official contributor in Indonesia and operate under the governmental law. So you won’t have to worry when browsing the types of wholesale furniture teak in our gallery. Our products are made with care and special permit.

The products that we offer are created from 100% teak. FYI, it takes around 40 to 50 years for a teak wood to meet its standard to be cut down. The thing is that it will reach its maturity, and from this, you can find the versatility and the important features of the teak wood.

The high-quality teak contains natural oil which acts as rot and insects repellent. It is very great because you don’t have to do anything to protect your wholesale furniture from insects like termites. It is considered as one of the most durable and strongest kinds of hardwood. Thanks to its strong characteristics, it can withstand all kinds of weather, even the most extreme ones.

The best wholesale furniture is made of Grade A teak. That means you won’t find any crack, knots, or other flaws in the surface of the wood. If by chance you see a slight crack in the wood, as long as its size is tolerated, you could still use it. It is also your privilege to complain to the provider. For us, our client’s satisfaction is our primary objective. That’s why we always emphasize the Grade A teak in our lines of products.

The next thing that you need to keep in mind when purchasing wholesale furniture is the kind of epoxy or glue used by the manufacturer to assemble the furniture pieces. The trusted manufacturer will tell you the kind of glue they are using. We use the 5 steps epoxy resin which will make the furniture stay firm and strong. Our method is the best approach to make a product which is durable and long lasting. We also double check the bolts and nuts used to stick the furniture together.

Because of its high quality, most wholesale furniture teak comes with some price. But let’s not forget here that the teak wood is long lasting. You can use the Teak furniture for decades to come. Imagine how much money you can save because you don’t need to spend more for furniture replacement.

When we talk about commercial projects like a hotel, estate, apartment, restaurant, or others, the wholesale furniture can be a great solution for you. Wisanka is the manufacturer so that you will get the first-hand furniture. It is different when purchasing furniture from the retailers, wherein the prices have been marked up by twice or triple. If you are ordering wholesale furniture for your project, we will also give out reasonable discounts which can be beneficial for you.

The wholesale furniture teak purchase is a high-end solution for your properties. Whether you are adding new furnishings for your terrace, living room, bedroom, patio, deck, or porch, you should consider purchasing wholesale furniture to save more and get the best values from the market.

The teak wood furniture is definitely the best option because you will enjoy it for decades flawlessly. You will be glad on how durable and long lasting it is.

Our products are made of 100% teak. There is a sensible reason why we emphasize on teak usage rather than other woods. It has such nice texture and density. Because of its natural characteristic, it is not easy to be damaged. It can also withstand the extreme weather like snow, raining cats, and dogs, sun exposure, etc. All of them won’t make a great deal of the furniture made of teak. So, when you purchase the wholesale furniture from teak, you know that you will be seeing your furniture in decades to come.

Besides its durability, Wisanka wholesale furniture also has such unique and distinct look which can add special style and nuance in your properties. The tones are very impressive. You can either keep the natural golden tone or leave them be to turn into gray color as the time goes by.

The Wisanka teak furniture also requires little maintenance. To preserve the beauty of the teak furniture, you just need to apply the teak protectant in every beginning of the season. The rest, you don’t need to do anything to maintain the wholesale furniture made of teak. This can also be the solution for your hotel or restaurant management since you don’t have to spend much for manpower who maintain your furniture.

With the wholesale furniture made of teak, you will have tons of options to choose. That means you will come across the furnishings that are suitable for your preferences and taste. For instance, you want to gather your family and have a BBQ party together, you could consider purchasing our wholesale furniture of tables and chairs. Or perhaps you need to add styles and functions in your hotel swimming pool, consider lounges or benches for some swimmers.

No matter what your project, Wisanka wholesale furniture is ready to help you. So, don’t hesitate to contact us now and ask for some quotes.