Facts About the Indian Furniture Industry

wholesale furniture market There’s no denying the fact that the Indian economy is surging ahead at a rapid pace. The country, once considered to be a sleeping giant, is today truly up and awake and is on a bullish run, taking on major world economies like the US, France, Italy, Japan and others. Several analysts […]

Wholesale Contemporary Furniture

wholesale furniture online There are furniture companies who specialize in the importing and wholesale distribution of contemporary furniture. These companies work by importing or buying furniture from manufacturers at bulk rates and distributing them to retailers. However, wholesale contemporary furniture does not necessarily mean that these stores sell only to retailers. Their products are available […]

Discount Contemporary Furniture

indonesia furniture wholesale When talking about contemporary furniture, most people assume it must be as expensive as be out of the reach of everyone but the wealthiest. Well, believe it or not, that is absolutely not the case. True, there may be a few collections or individual pieces, mostly imported, that are likely to burn […]

Adirondack Chairs: Incorporating Them in Your Interior Design

indoor furniture designs Upon hearing the words “Adirondack chairs,” most individuals probably think about relaxing times at coastal locations. Certainly, Adirondack furniture was initially designed for such exterior spaces, but that’s no reason to limit yourself to this application. More and more designers are bringing Adirondack chairs and other furniture indoors, for these reasons: 1. […]

Seagrass Furniture – Unique and Beautiful

furniture indonesia At the mention of the word seagrass, many people might visualise a plant similar to that of seaweed. The difference is that seaweed is an algae while seagrass is a flowering plant that grows underwater. Water hyacinth is a type of seagrass, and is a good source of natural material and can found […]

Teak Chairs – They’re Very Resilient

teak root furniture indonesia Teak furniture has been the rage for many years because it is sturdy and resistant to temperatures and harsh conditions. The teak wood that we have today actually comes from the rain forests of Indonesia and Thailand. Because the wood comes from this area, the insects we have in the United […]

How the Internet Has Decreased Prices For Wholesale Furniture For Consumers and Furniture Stores

wholesale furniture market Traditionally the local furniture store would buy wholesale furniture from independent sales reps that became reliable resources for new designs, catalogs and wholesale companies that might not ever market into a territory due to cost. Territories which ranged from several zip codes to multiple states could cost a furniture wholesale company several […]

Wholesale Furniture – Make Your Business Flourish!

wholesale furniture online One of the most essential requirements for any place is furniture. The furniture in any place creates an ambiance and gives a personality to the room and as such it is important to select the right style, depending on the requirement. While buying exquisite pieces of furniture may enhance the beauty of […]

Interior Decorating With Houseplants

indoor furniture designs Plants bring movement and life to every room in your home and has the advantage of changing the look of a room without major adjustments and costs. Even the smallest splash of green can enliven a space. There are many benefits to having indoor plants in your home other than aesthetic values. […]