Project furniture | Hotel furniture for 129 rooms and suites are well-appointed, spacious tropical garden of our hotel is facilitated with a lagoon pool, children’s playground, tennis court, jogging track and many more distinguishes us from others.

Hotel decor interior decoration and indoor furniture providing you with a first glance of the rich culture and history of Java this ancient city which is famous for world heritage palace and the largest Buddhist Borobudur and Hindu heritage, Prambanan.

With the world growth in many sectors including business across the globe, it gives good consequences for supplying facilities likes hotel, restaurant, resort, residences and public transportation. We proudly present our serious commitment by supplying the finest furniture for hotel and resort project with our nine warehouses that always providing furniture in various range of materials, products and design both indoor and outdoor with banner under name of Wisanka Group, we do believe it would give you wider range for a better choice of wisanka project.
Our Indoor Furniture is not only strong and durable but also looks great regardless the time takes over. Due to the nature of the wooden material, it can be changed in color of various tones, or you could just leave them to the natural yellowish brown color. With the selection of our Indoor Teak furniture, you will have the freedom to ask us to customize your furniture tone or just leave the furniture in the natural condition.