Great benefits of Wholesale Indonesian furniture

Great benefits of Indonesian furniture that no one can ignore   Indonesian furniture industry has expanded quickly after the Oriental monetary crisis in the year 1997. This crisis has reversal effect on furniture industry in Indonesia given that the prices on productswere reducedcompared toforeign buyers’ viewpoint. The huge demand from overseas buyers made every single […]

Wholesale Indonesian teak furniture are so popular

Wholesale Indonesian teak furniture are so popular Indonesian teak furniture is expensive than furniture made of wood like oak trees, cedar or rosewood. It is because teak wood has certain unique properties, which make it exceptionally tough and resistant against attack by termites and decay. The existence of silica and natural oil within the wood are […]

Wholesale Indoor Wood Furniture

Sofa-Kipas-Indoor Wood Furniture

What kind of indoor furniture should be in the living room? Perhaps many of you would answer sofa or couch to be used in the living room. Well, why do not use other kind of indoor wood furniture, like benches or day bed to enhance your living room, instead of using common furniture. Actually, benches […]