Antique Log Furniture

indoor furniture designs Log furniture includes a wide range of tables, bedposts, stools, bar stools, and cabinets. They are used as outdoor and indoor furniture at homes, offices, and restaurants. They are available in various wood combinations and types, to match the surrounding décor they are placed in. Varied collections comprise of intricate, contemporary, and […]

Finding Value: Tips to Buying Vintage and Antique Chairs at Estate Sales

indonesia furniture wholesale If you go to estate sales often, chances are an antique or vintage chair or two has done your eye. If you immediately start thinking about how great the chair would look in a particular area of ​​your home, it's likely that this piece piece is for you. However, there are a […]

Antique Furniture Wholesale – A Wise Investment

wholesale furniture market Antique furniture is any day a connoisseur's collection. A true antique collection will be a hundred years old. The wood will be mostly fine teak seasoned over the years. Before you embark on an adventure to buy antique products go on to the site and make a study on the pros and […]

Antique Furniture: The Timeless Classic

indonesia furniture manufacturer When you do a search online for Antique Furniture, one of the first listings that pop up is a Wikipedia article stating just the general basics of how antique furniture is valued. These criteria include how the monetary value of a piece of antique furniture correlates to its age, rarity, and condition. […]