What is kind of furniture product that is perfect to create homey and warmth ambiance for your home interior? Wood furniture will be the favorite choice by most people. Wood furniture is everlasting and always update, even though it has old style, it can be combined with any modern things and style at home.

Wood furniture product whether it is made in modern or old style, always be preferred to most people when decorating their home interior or even exterior. Indonesia is one of the quality wood furniture producers, which is known since many years ago. One of most famous wood furniture from Indonesia is teak furniture, which Indonesia produces a lot of qualified teak wood. Since early time, Indonesia has exported teak furniture or teak wood to many countries worldwide.

Wisanka or PT. Wirasindo Santakarya is one of Wholesale furniture manufacturers that located in Central Java Indonesia. The company is focusing in teak furniture production that very high in market demand. Indoor- teak produces teak furniture in wide range of home furniture and others, for instance wood doors. The collections also combine with other materials such as leather. The combination creates such as distinctive style of wood furniture, whether it is modern furniture, traditional or even one made in eclectic style of furniture.

Colonial furniture made by Indoor-teak are available in various kinds of furniture i.e. bed, cabinet and drawers, chairs, mirror, tables and others. These collections meet customers’ demand of classic wood furniture. This line of furniture design is not restricted to conventional home interior only, although it can be combined with any style of home interior.

Indonesia furniture is widely produced from many wood materials, like teak, mahogany or else. Still teak is the most favorite wood furniture, even though it is quite pricey, but the quality never goes wrong to any purposes.