The History Of French Furniture

furniture indonesia Middle Ages 900 – 1500 Furniture of the middle ages was designed to be practical. It was often very large, simple and heavy. This early furniture follows the lines of architecture. Very few pieces of furniture from this era were carved, just those crafted to show off wealth. Renaissance 1500-1610 During the renaissance […]

A History and Overview of Pali Furniture

furniture indonesia Pali cribs are some of the most thought-after baby furniture on the market today. Much of what is known about the company and the quality of its products comes from word-of-mouth. This article explains some of the history behind Pali cribs and cots and also Pali baby furniture. The history of Pali furniture […]

Bedroom Furniture – Your Bed’s History

wholesale furniture market Beds are staple bedroom furniture and nobody might just imagine how their bedrooms would look like without that large mass of warm softness into which they could bury their faces. For some, beds are comfort zones where they could let their guards down and be away from the world. Or they could […]