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When you are thinking of adding new young plants to your landscape, there are right ways, and wrong ways to undertake this chore.

If you have purchased small plants and want them to become a part of your yard you may not want to force them into the environment right away. Being moved about can shock young plants, and they may not be able to pull all the nutrients they need from the soil.

Instead, you may want to consider using outdoor planters to give them a growing chance to become strong enough to handle life in amidst the other plants and pests that may be in your soil.

You've probably had it happen before. You've bought a small plant from a store and popped it in the ground only to watch it get weaker and weaker no matter what you did to try and keep it going.

Young plants are like young children. They need a lot of nutrients to grow. If you put them in a soil that other plants have been living in for some time, it is very possible those other plants have depleted some of the nutrients in the soil and it is now not enough to keep your new addition healthy.

Instead, you may want to consider outdoor planters for those new plants until they seem healthy and strong enough to make their own way in your garden beds.

Depending on your preferences you can choose outdoor planters that blend in with the rest of the backyard, or those that are decorative additions to the environment. If you want them just to be a temporary place for the new plant to strengthen up, you may want to go with the lower priced, and less-noticeable outdoor planters.

Instead of just using your regular soil in these planters, you should purchase a rich potting soil to give them more of the nutrients their stems and leaves need. Once they get going and seem to be thriving in the outdoor planters you can decide where they will permanently go in the yard. When you transfer them from the outdoor planter, make sure to already have a deep enough hole dug in the ground to support the plant, and a little extra space. You should carefully break apart their root system, to let it know it can start to spread those roots and take a hold of new ground.

If you want to make sure the shock of moving is not too much for the plant, you may want to mix some of the potting soil it loved with the soil that you dug out of the hole and use that new soil mixture to fill in the gaps around the new planting. Do not forget to water it regularly, and keep an eye to see if it needs anything else to continue to grow.

You may run into one more problem when you think of transferring the plant. Some people realize that they suddenly like the idea of ​​the outdoor planters in addition to the plants that are in the ground. They like the levels of plantings. This is not a problem. You can transfer this plant to a more decorative outdoor planter, put it back in place, and enjoy the new look.

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We start our business as Indonesia furniture exporter in 1993 and growing rapidly until now. We declare ourselves as a manufacture and exporter company with legal entity as PT in Indonesia and similar to Public Limited Company (PLC) or an Ltd in the United Kingdom, Ireland or the United States. Aspects of Law and Administration we have had since inception of this company’s proofing our seriousness and commitment running this business.

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WISANKA Indonesia which is consist of five divisions covered seven products range Indonesia wooden furnitureindoor teakIndonesia rattan furniture and natural fibers, classic furnitureoutdoor furnituresynthetic rattan , decorative lighting and hospitality furniture supplier. The idea is to be one-stop shop by offer multitude furniture product range to our clients moreover to create the opportunity for the company to sell more products.

We believe skill and depth knowledge of furniture are the main foundation for everyone in this company. By those strength and supported with premium design, we will deliver “value” to our customers. We would like to create wide target market not only limited for wholesaler and retailer but also projects including hotel furniture project, villa project, housing project or event restaurant project unexceptional private house and government office. During our 20 years existence in Indonesia Furniture Hotel Suppliers Wholesalers industry those target market is complete adequately.

Hotel and Resort Project Premier Line is well-versed hotel & resort furniture. We have furnished several hotel project in both Indonesia (Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Bali and Bandung) and countries abroad (Bulgaria, Sri Lanka, Jordan, Maldives, Bahrain, Austria, India, USA, Croatia, Panama, Australia, and UEA). Recognizing the essential between furniture and hotel industry, lead us to be well know hotel and resort furniture supplier


In wisanka, we are accustomed to serve various bedroom furniture for the needs of hotels with various levels ranging from 3 stars to 5 plus stars. there are various choices of material products as basic materials such as teak furniture, mahogany, natural rattan, and others. in addition we are also accustomed to work based on custom design wholesale furniture for hotels and resorts. Some of the best selling styles of furniture include modern bedroom furniture, classic luxury style bedroom furniture, contemporary and colonial bedroom furniture, antique reproduction bed sets, and more ...

do not hesitate to choose you as partner in supplying Wholesale furniture for hotel, restaurant, guest house or your resort.

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On top of having the capability to endure all types of weather, our outdoor hospitality furniture is always listed at low sale prices. If you're looking for affordable, quality outdoor furniture for sale, you'll be happy you stopped by! Striving to be your one stop shop, we also carry a line of indoor restaurant furniture, for all your shopping needs! Let us furnish your restaurant, bistro, or café from the inside out! If you have any questions, our sales team would be more than pleased to assist you. Email us now... SEND INQUIRY restaurant-furniture-project-hospitality furniture for hotel, hotel supply furniture, hospitality furniture, furniture for project, furniture for resto, furniture for resort furniture for hotel, hospitality furniture supplier, indonesia furniture hotel supplier
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