Clothing Display Merchandising Solution

jepara furniture wholesale Most merchandising solutions for clothes and shoes available in Malaysia are either too expensive, impractical or too old-fashioned. The conventional retail design racks and shelves we can usually find in a furniture store also requires a lot of space. Here’s what you do if you are looking for a good merchandising solution […]

Modern Patio Furniture Designs

indoor furniture designs Choosing patio furniture means finding a design you like but also selecting items that will last for years while continuing to look great throughout that period. As well as features that you would look for in any furniture, such as high quality materials and a resistance to regular use, you should also […]

Indonesian Furniture Industry Fights Against Big Giant

furniture indonesia Indonesian furniture industry has grown rapidly after the Asian monetary crisis in 1997. This crisis led to a reversal effect to furniture industry in Indonesia since the price of product became much lower in terms of price from abroad buyers’ points of view. The massive demand from overseas buyers made every actor involved […]

Teak Furniture – Reclaimed Teak Furniture – Why Choose Teak Wood?

teak root furniture indonesia Teak is one of the hardest and most durable woods available. Teak is inherently tight grained, which gives a beautiful smooth surface and appearance. It requires very little care and these characteristics make it the ideal wood for good quality furniture. Teak, unlike other hard woods such as Oak does not […]

How to Buy Wholesale Rattan Furniture

wholesale furniture online Retailers will want to put some thought into which manufacturer they choose to purchase rattan furniture from. There are a number of companies that export this type of furniture. You will find that these pieces are comprised of many different materials, including cane, kubu, cabana, and abaca. All of these are great […]

How to Select Your Furniture Caster For the Best Results and Ease of Movement

indonesia furniture manufacturer Furniture casters are cheap – much cheaper compared to the furniture. And yet they add value to your furniture. With a furniture caster, you can control the movement of your furniture. Depending on whether you want your furniture to move or not, and depending upon some other factors, it is easy to […]

Sunroom Furniture Ideas – Decorating Sunrooms with Indoor Rattan Wicker

indoor furniture designs Sunrooms have become one of the most sought after rooms to have in a home. They are a great area for entertaining, relaxing, and enjoying the outdoors from the inside of your house. But what is the best way to decorate a sunroom, screened porch, or solarium? Here are some great sunroom […]

Find Answers about Indonesian Teak Furniture

furniture indonesia Teak garden furniture is the most preferred for any outdoor setting. It is considered the best wood for outdoors. There are different grades or qualities of teak outdoor furniture available. It has become very difficult for a customer to understand the huge difference between two similar looking products. For instance, in open market […]