Jepara As the Heart of Indonesian Furniture Industry

furniture indonesia Indonesia is globally known as the producer of high quality wooden furniture. The high quality at affordable price is the main hallmark of furniture products produced from this country. The mapping of this industry in Indonesia is interesting to be discussed here since there should be an answer regarding to the center of […]

Indonesian Teak Furniture – A How-To-Clean Guide

teak root furniture indonesia Indonesian teak is wood of very high quality, and must be cared for suitably. Cleaning wooden furniture might sound easy, but it is necessary to keep in mind that teak is not just any wood. Teak is a special small-grained wood, that is naturally resistant to decay and attack by termites. […]

The Schedule For Payment of a Wholesale Furniture Purchase Order From Overseas

wholesale furniture market With the international furniture market moved overseas over the last ten years, many furniture stores have had to learn how to find, order and pay for furniture that has been manufactured overseas. While we have written before about where and how to find overseas furniture manufacturers we have not discussed much about […]

How to Buy Factory-Direct Furniture to Save Money

wholesale furniture online Whether you’re buying discount pieces of particle-board furniture or designer items from Europe, you’re almost always going to save by shopping factory-direct. When you buy furniture right from the manufacturer, you cut out the retail markup costs and eliminate the expensive shipping fee of moving an item first to the middle man […]

American and North American Dining and Leather Living Furniture Is Stronger Than Ever

indonesia furniture manufacturer With manufacturers like Palliser, Dinec, Trica, Amisco, Tempo and simply Amish, North America is climbing its way back into the hearts of Americans when it comes to quality. In recent years America has seen furniture manufacturing abandon this country faster than rats from a sinking ship. This sad turn of events is […]

Costa Rica Real Estate – 8 Tips For Finding Your Dream Home

indonesia furniture wholesale As we continue to hear all the excitement and see the overwhelming attraction to Costa Rica grow, not only as a wonderful vacation and tourist spot, but also as it races up many lists to become the number one real estate investment location in the world, one can’t help but be intrigued […]

Indoor-Outdoor Cast Aluminum Furniture

indoor furniture designs Next to teak, aluminum, and especially cast aluminum, continues to be the most popular frame material for outdoor furniture and increasingly for indoor furniture as well. Cast aluminum is made from a different process than regular aluminum. The raw aluminum product is poured into molds, creating the back, the arms, the seat, […]

Buying Indonesian Teak Furniture

furniture indonesia Teak outdoor furniture has long been one of the most sought after looks. It is durable, weathers beautifully and is considered one of the most ideal woods for the outdoors. Much of the outdoor furniture available on the market comes from Indonesia, but there are different grades and pricing. Manufacturing in Indonesia varies […]

Is Wholesale Furniture For Everyone?

wholesale furniture market The term ‘wholesale furniture’ may sound like something an individual would buy from the cousin of a friend of a friend after hours and through the back door of a warehouse. Maybe it used to be that way. But today almost anyone can buy quality furniture at wholesale prices from reputable companies. […]

Wholesale Furniture – Get the Best Deals at the Best Prices!

wholesale furniture online Whether we need to move into a new house, renovate our existing house or decorate our work place buying furniture always is a necessity. The furniture in a place speaks volumes about the environment and the ambiance. While buying furniture can be an expensive deal, if we make the smart choice of […]